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27 March 2013 - Office of Fair Trading - David Chapman PDF Print E-mail


The following email to 27 March concerns a 'non-pedlar' David Chapman [as in petty chapman] and his correspondence with the OFT and subsequently BIS regarding the consultation.


Dear Mr Campbell-Lloyd,

I attach for information the documents that I have sent to the Office of Fair Trading for their action in support of the pedlars cause.

I have not sent these previously to in order to allow to remain focused on the work and the direction determined by pedlars. However, now that the government consultation URN12/605 is closed I wish to send you the work that I did in my position as a “non pedlar” in support of pedlars and the whole of the UK population to avail of pedlary. My aim in writing the letters was and still is to retain the Pedlars Acts because the reasons for keeping the Pedlars Acts are at least as valid today as it they were when passed into law in 1871, in my view more so.

Therefore please find herewith both my letters to the OFT and the attachment A & attachment B that form part of “Letter to the OFT 2”. Additionally the word address has been included in the title of the two letters (copies)– within these two copies I have shaded out my contact details should you wish to openly publish on . The files without the word “address” are original (as sent).

Persons or Bodies who received copies of the letters are mentioned at the end of each document when the letter was sent. All persons or bodies mentioned at the end of “Letter to the OFT 2” received also “Letter to the OFT 1” along with “Letter to the OFT 2”, so that all received the same.

You have my permission to use these letters or any of the contents in the direction that sees fit.

You will notice that Jo Swinson is named within “Letter to the OFT 2” this I assume is how/why Rachael Onikosi was instructed by Jo Swinson to reply to me referring my OFT letters, unfortunately I have received no confirmation from Jo Swinson that she did indeed authorise the reply or will authorise me disseminating the reply.

Your sincerely

David Chapman

30 March update:

Dear Mr Campbell-Lloyd,

Around noon on March 30, 2013 I received a letter dated March 19, 2013 (which was delayed by 9 days) and eventually franked by the postal services with the date of March 28, 2013 from Dan Byles MP, this covered a letter from Jo Swinson to Dan Byles dated March 14, 2013. This Jo Swinson letter was in response to Dan Byles letter to Jo Swinson dated January 16, 2013 which he wrote on my behalf concerning pedlary. Attached to Jo Swinson’s reply letter is the same response document that was attached to a letter that I received on March 14 from BIS Rachael Onikosi “the response to the Pedlar stakeholder questions”. Jo Swinson wrote the letter in her capacity as the Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs. On the face of it, it appears that Jo Swinson is at least partially behind the efforts of Rachael Onikosi to frustrate

David Chapman



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