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15 November 2013 - Official Conduct at BIS 1 PDF Print E-mail


On 15th November 2013 wrote to the Permanent Secretray for BIS Martin Donnelly:


Dear Mr Donnelly


Official Conduct 


I wish to notify you of stakeholders' extreme concern that your department is failing any perception of fair or good administration in regard to the statutory civil liberty of pedlary.


Pedlars are concerned that 'in secret' another ill-conceived Statutory Instrument may imminently be signed off by the minister to avoid further consultation.


The impact of the last blunt instrument is still resounding since PSRA 2009 Section 45. All operatives refuse to engage with stakeholder's concerns.

Pedlars contend that the CCP Team policy to repeal the Pedlars Act is an attempted cover-up of earlier gross negligence.

Pedlars contend that there has been catastrophic failure by CCP Team operatives to comprehend the Principles that differentiate the Pedlars Act from regulation of licensed street trading. 


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