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EU Recongition of Pedlars Professional Status PDF Print E-mail


During passage of the Bournemouth & Manchester bills in 2009, pedlars researched the European Directives on the Recognition of Professional Status and collated that information with the following summary:


Under EU Directive/2005/36/EC on "The Recognition of Professional Qualifications"  Article 18 (1) states " for the activities in List II of Annex IV, the activity in question must have been previously pursued (a) for five consecutive years on a self-employed basis or as a manager of an undertaking". Annex IV List II 2 Directive 75/369/EEC (Article 6: where the activity is regarded as being of an industrial or small craft nature) - ISIC nomenclature - The following itinerant activities: (a) the buying and selling of goods: - by itinerant tradesmen, hawkers or pedlars (ex ISIC Group 612).

Pedlars under EU Directive are recognised professionals and as such (being recognised professionals) should not (under Article 5, subsection 1of Title II Free Provision of Services) be restricted, for any reason relating to professional qualifications, from the free provision of those services in another Member State.

Pedlars therefore assert that Parliament should seek recognition of their professional status throughout EU by proposing the adoption of the Pedlars Acts throughout EU, ref Article 63.


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